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We are matching tourists with destinations to make travelling a better experience for everybody.


Create your best Trip

 WoTrek is a digital travel agent that provides users with personalized travel experiences and connects sites with their correct target population.


We offer a tailor-made solution for travelers and travel companies through AI.


Personalized Trip

 Without long questionnaires, we create your profile from your social networks and we will instantly provide you with the perfect itinerary and personalized recommendations according to your needs and all this with just one click.

Travel company

API for Business

We provide touristic sites and travel agencies with the tools and insights to help them reach the people that are the most relevant to them. (Digitalization, Recommendations)

They trusted us 

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Isabella Forero

Co-Founder & CTO

"I love to travel. I am a computer science and industrial engineer. I worked as an AI Research and Software Developer. I am passionate about the use of technology to solve common problems."

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Luis Goméz

Co-Founder & CFO

"I love to learn languages, tand explore new places. I am a math student. I worked as a data analyst."

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